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slovenská verzia
Our cats
Recently, we live at home together with 1 female 2 male ocicats. Both males are from our first litter and the female fly to our home from Finland - one of the best catteries - FIN*Topspot:

IC FIN*Topspot Inamorata Fiorella (OCI b 24), *1.2.2009

SP Aegolius von Kronenfeld *SK (OCI o 24), * 19.4.2006

SC Anthus von Kronenfeld *SK (OCI b 24), * 19.4.2006

FIN*Topspot Inamorata Fiorella (*1.2.2009)
chocolate spotted (OCI b 24)
SP Aegolius von Kronenfeld *SK (*19.4.2006)
cinnamon spotted (OCI o 24)
SC Anthus von Kronenfeld *SK *19.4.2006
chocolate spotted (OCI b 24)